Book Review – How To Shoot A Reportage by Enzo Dal Verme

Un manual cuprinzator . Un manual concentrat. Un manual in care profesionalismul nu se serveste de cuvinte. Ci de fapte si experiente.

Aceasta carte  dezvaluie multe din secretele unui fotoreporter. Si vorbim de secrete tehnice, de secrete tactice, de secrete tactice si in primul rand de secrete de management.

Citind-o va veti da seama ca este aplicabila in toate domeniile fotografiei, nu numai cel al reportajului.

O gasiti pe blogul lui  Enzo              


How to shoot a reportage unveils so much of the secrets of a dedicated photographer.
We are talking about technical intelligence, tactical intelligence, practical intelligence and, most of all, secrets related to the management .
Reading this extremely condensed book it is obvious that professionalism does not need many words, but needs facts, intelligence and own experiences.
I think this knowlegde is applicable to any photographic specialty you may be involved in.

You can buy it here, on Enzo’s blog.

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